Competitive Soccer Program

Competitive Soccer Program

Competitive Soccer Program

The competitive youth soccer program is designed for the more experienced soccer player who desired to play at a competitive level, including tournaments and games against teams from other competitive league clubs. Greater emphasis is placed on the advanced technical skills and game tactics and strategy, commensurate with each player’s ability and the level of play with other teams/programs in competitive leagues. The program is open to participants, ages 8 to 18, who are grouped separately according to age and gender.

Season: 2019 – 2020

Registration Fees: 9 months seasonal program September 2019 to May 2020
If the teams start training in August each player must pay $80 per month.


Under 8 • Under 9 • Under 10 • Under 11 • Under 12 • Under 13
Under 14 • Under 15 • Under 16 • Under 17 • Under 18

Payment Options:

Registration: $100 (City of Doral Non-residents + add 20%)
Payment Fee Regular Season $ 1,150 *The uniform package is not included in the regular season payment*

Payments options:
• Option 1: Full Payment Season Due Before June 12, 2018 – You can pay with check: $1,035 or on-line via Pay-Pal: $1,076
• Option 2: Installment Payments.
a) First initial payment (Fees regular season) for $400.00 June 12, 2019
b) Second $375 due August 9, 2019
c) Third and last $375 due October 11, 2019

**All payments are final and non-refundable**

NOTE: The Registration Fee is NOT prorated because the player may register after September.

What is included in the registration fees?

• Player registration and pass with FYSA
• Coach registration (2 Coaches) with FYSA
• Accidental injury insurance (excess) with FYSA.
• Liability insurance for Coaches, Volunteers and Club officers
• Club memberships with, FYSA, SFUYSA, FLUGSA, SFYSA and US Club Soccer
• Per team one league fees with either SFUYSA, FLUGSA and SFYSA.
• Administration expenses.
• Referee assigner fees for one league only. (See below for additional league participation)
• Referee league fees for one league only. (See below for additional league participation)

Uniform Package:

$250 consisting of:

• Home DSC – 1 Short – 1 T-shirt – 1 socks
• Away DSC -1 Short – 1 T-shirt – 1 socks
• Training DSC – 2 T-shirt Reversible – 2 shorts – 1 Socks
• 1 Back Pack
• 1 Rain Jacket
• 2 Presentation T-Shirts
• 1 Ball for Training


a) The price for additional uniform or equipment will be based on the cost at the time of purchase.
b) When purchasing soccer equipment (bags, warm-up, etc) must be from the same brand that the Club is sponsored by. (Shoes are excluded)

4% added to all online payments using pay-pal.

Tournaments: It is the Club’s recommendation that each team play in at least 4-5 local tournaments, 1-2 State and 1 not mandatory, only recommended out of State tournament for teams U13 and up. The club will also have teams participating in 3 vs. 3, 4 vs. 4 and 5 vs. 5 small sided tournaments with a selected group of players and coaches.

Below are some suggestions; please make sure to confirm availability with each tournament. (Some tournament dates may vary from one year to the next)

Local tournaments:

• January: Coral Springs New Years Fling, Wellington Soccer Shoot-Out, Kelme Fl. Cup
• February: Weston Cup
• May: Naples Spring Classic
• April: Miami Lakes Spring Shootout
• October: West Pines Kick Off Classic
• November: Plantation Thanksgiving Classic
• December: Orange Classic International Girls Soccer Tournament

State tournaments:

• February: Disney’s Presidents Day Soccer Festival, Score at the Shore, President’s Cup , Cocoa Expo
• May: Disney’s Memorial Day Soccer Shootout
• June: Disney’s Summer Soccer Jamboree
• July: Disney Cup International Youth Soccer Tournament
• August: Disney’s Soccer Showcase Qualifier
• November: Disney’s Junior Soccer Showcase
• December: Tampa Bay Sun-bowl, Cocoa Expo College Soccer Showcase Cup

Coaches’ tournament expenses:

The team is to pay the coach’s reasonable travel expenses including air fare, as appropriate, accommodations (share rooms when possible), ground transportation (gasoline & toll fees) @ $ 0.45 per mile, $55.00 per day for meals, and $40 for each game play.

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