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South Florida United Youth Soccer Association

South Florida United Youth Soccer Association

Regular Season November 2 to February 2, 201

DSC Participating Teams:

Doral Soccer
DSC0001MC1 Doral Soccer U13 White Coach Marcos Colman RS_B131
DSC0001MC2 Doral Soccer U13 Blue Coach Marco Generani RS_B132
DSC0001MR3 Doral Soccer U13 Red Coach Marcos T.Restrepo RS_B143
DSC0102FC1 Doral Soccer U12 Girls Coach Kevin Piraquive RS_G122
DSC0102MC1 Doral Soccer U12 White Coach Kevin Piraquive RS_B121
DSC0203MC1 Doral Socce U11 White Coach Carlos Fonseca RS_B121
DSC0203MC2 Doral Soccer U11 Blue Coach Emilio Nadelman RS_B112
DSC0203MC3 Doral Soccer U11 Red Coach Carlos Fonseca RS_B112
DSC0304MC1 Doral Soccer U10 White Coach Wilmar Montoya RS_B101
DSC0304MC2 Doral Soccer U10 Blue Coach Oscar Bohorquez RS_B102
DSC0405MC1 Doral Soccer U9 White Coach Andres Miranda RS_B092
DSC0405MR2 Doral Soccer U-9 Blue Coach Marcos T.Restrepo RS_B093
DSC0506MR1 Doral Soccer U8 White Coach Roberto Villagra RS_B093
DSC9697MC2 Doral Soccer U17 White Coach Marcos Colman RS_B172
DSC9798FC1 Doral Soccer U16 Girls Coach Emilio Nadelman RS_G19
DSC9899MC1 Doral Soccer U15 Blue Coach Roberto Villagra RS_B152
DSC9899MC3 Doral Soccer U15 Red Coach Jose R.Valencia RS_B152
DSC9900FC1 Doral Soccer U14 Girls Coach Emilio Nadelman RS_G142
DSC9900MC1 Doral Soccer U14 White Coach Wilmar Montoya RS_B142

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