u16 copa america champs Doral

We would like to congratulate our U16 players, parents, and coaches, for winning the Copa Americana Championship that was held June 24th-26th at Amelia Earth Park.

Travel Awards: In October the team will be traveling to Pereira, Colombia representing this category U16. We are very proud of them, and wish them the best of luck!

Coach: Marcos Colman & Ricardo Cuenca
Players: Fernando Morandi, GianLucca Rossi, Jorge Pla, Blaze Campbell, Andony Garrogericaechevarria, Antonio Martelo, Sebastian Prada, Francisco Rey, Fernando Mendoza, Markel Valmana, Jason Lasseter, Orlando Bonilla, Kevin Fonseca, Mauricio Lozada, Christian Zambrana, Jonathan Franco, Mauricio Dussaq, Luis Rivero.